West rollin
What's crack'en my name is BarryStackAgrip fools say tha west is sleeping but what they feel to realize is that were just peeping game on these fake folks.Crooked I keep on doing ya damm thang I've heard some of ya work these fools are going to be stuck like chuck when they get a bar of ya, put the Row back on top like things are suppose to be we've just been on pause for a few that's all Tha Row is about to be back on top fa sho.
Submitted by in Southeast San Diego now living in ATL


Big Suge and the homies have done it again. Much luv to the artist who dared to collaborate with Tha Row. Real gangsters have invaded the industry once again. THE LPP HOMIE, FLAME THAT THANG!


The best in the west crooked i.. cant wait for this too drop!! give this album to ya mum for her birthday thats how good it going to be!!
Submitted by a reviewer in Sydney, Australia


Dre, Snoop, Pac and now Crooked I!
This album is a classic, joing Tha Chronic, Doggystyle, and All Eyez On Me. It brings alot of energy and displays lyrical flow throughout each song. Knight's 'eye for talent' has added yet another star to his collection. The best album to hit from Tha Row since 'The 7 day theory' with a hand full of guest surprises including Pac (R.I.P.), Ja, Short, Young Gotti, Face, Nas, Eastwood, Danny Boy + more. You need to pick this album up right when it hits stores 'Sept. 10, 2002' Peace.
Submitted by a reviewer in Canada, T.O., Ont


Crooked i has come to resurrect the WEST...Pick up this CD when it comes out for sure.....It's gunna be a classic....Download some freestyles of Crook's on kazaa or somethin if u dont believe me or any of these other peeps...he one of the tightest lyricists around....Cop It!!!
Submitted by a reviewer in Colorado, CO, USA


Everyone has to get this cd! I got a copy last week and its off the hook. Be ready for this, crooked is about to bring the west coast back to tha top... and pac's on this cd! along with many others, everyone buy this cd before any other cd this year. Cant wait for the new video either. SUGE IS BACK, THA ROW WILL TAKE OVER ONCE AGAIN!! PACS COMING BACK TOO!
Submitted by in Detroit, MI, USA


#1 In The West
More like number 1 in the world i cant wait for this!!!!!!
Submitted by a reviewer in Boston, Ma. USA


I've heard alotta Crooked I material and he is da bomb espcially wit guest artists like Nas Kurupt Ja Rule & Too Short and he really makes Sisqo look good wit my favorite song "So Damn Hood" Tha Row has come back!
Submitted by a reviewer in Elm Street


THA ROW IS BACK!!!!!!!!!
The new era officially begins for Suge Knight's Tha Row Records. Crooked I's debut album was heavily in demand and anticipated for over a year and the release is finnally upon us! The first single "So Damn Hood" featuring Sisqo is the most commercial track on the album. Blazing tunes include "Im So Crooked", "F**k Tonight" feat. Ja Rule and Eastwood, and "When We Were Young". Guest appearences on the album include Scarface, Nas, Kurupt, Ja Rule, Juvenile, Jadakiss, Eastwood, Danny Boy, Ray J, and 2Pac just to name a few. The album is the best of the new millenium fah sho! Pick it up when you get a chance!
Submitted by a reviewer in Los Angeles, CA, USA


Suge n Tha Row iz Bacc
Every 1 buy diz piece. Buy 2, 1 for yo crib n 1 fo your whip. Crooked I iz tha bezt in tha wezt. If u want str8 up gangsta, sumtin 2 mash 2 thiz cd for u.
Submitted by in Boston


Cop this joint the minute it drops!
For yall that ain't familiar with Tha Row from there post-Dre / Snoop / Tupac days imma break it down. Crooked I is the start of the next generation of "real" gangsta rap superstars that pass through Tha Row Records. Unlike many of his predeccesors however Crooked I displays jaw-dropping lyrical ability aswell as a West Coast gangsta mentality. "Gangsta rap ain't dead, it didn't die // It took steroids to the head and became Crooked I". "This is the art of verbal manslaughter // See when i'm rockin' i'm more shockin' than droppin' a Boom-Box in Bath-Water". Tha Man has skills. Bottom line. The album also has great guest appearances and more that are not listed above. If Crooked I is successful then this really could be the god-send that Hip Hop needs to move away from the same commercial rubbish that has plaugued it since the deaths of Tupac and Biggie. It would also reinstate Suge Knights infamous company as the First Family of Hip Hop and maybe even a full-scale ressurgance in gangsta rap (that is real gangsta rap as in Eazy E, 2Pac, Compton's Most Wanted). Despite the current lack of promotion for this album, it is potentially an extremely important album for Hip Hop, mark my words. COP THIS JOINT!!! pz 1
Submitted by a reviewer in Glasgow, Scotland